• Miniature Filter Regulator 1/4"
  • Pressure: 0.5 to 20 bar, Test Pressure 30 bar,
  • Filter Element: SUS316 5 micron standard option for 40 micron
  • 1/4" Miniature 316 stainless steel air filter regulator unit
  • Maximum flow rate: 1850 L/Min
  • Temperature range -10C to +60C
  • Filter bowl capacity 105cc
  • Drain: Semi automatic standard, optional manual drain
  • Weight: 1380g
  • Accessories Included: Pressure Gauge, Blanking Plug, mounting bracket and 2 mounting screws.
  • Accuracy +/- 3% FSD
This Miniature Air Filter Regulator is designed to provide clean, accurate air pressure to pneumatic systems including pneumatic automated control equipment. The SSFR500-02 filter regulator has been proven to provide accurate and repeatable operating characteristics under variable conditions. Constructed of 316 stainless steel this filter regulator and filters are designed to stand up to harsh environments while providing highly accurate pressure regulation. For full details please see the 'Data Sheet' Tab
N.B. The regulator component of this stainless steel filter regulator can be supplied either as a Relieving Regulator (the default) or None Relieving Regulator at no extra cost. See product options.

This miniature stainless steel (316) air filter regulator is a direct replacement for or better than the following manufacturers components.

Asco, P70BG02H, P70BG02N, P72B-02, P27BG02, P72A-02, P72AG02, P72AG02P, P72AG02N, P72AG02PG, C72D-02, C72C02G, C72E02G, C72CG02P, 34208006, 34208001, 34208002, 34208005, 34208006, 34208011, 34208012, 34208015, 34208016
Bifold ASH06-FR-SR-MD-10-X1,ASH06-FR-SR-MD-10-X3, SC06-20-FR-SR-MD-10-AL-X4, SC06-20-FR-SR-MD-10-AL-X3, SC06-20-FR-SR-MD-10-V-X3, SC06-20-FR-SR-MD-10-V-X4, SC06-20-FR-SR-MD-10-V-X4
Marsh Bellofram, 51SSFR, 960-242-000, 960-243-000, 960-244-000, 960-241-000
Midland ACS, 3525, 2FRMSV082DX, 2FRMSV082D, 3525 SERIES
Norgren, B38P-244-B3MA, B38P-244-B1MA, B05-233-M1LA, B38P-254-A1MA, B38P-254-A2MA, B38P-254-B1MA, B38-242-B1KA, B38-244-B2MA, B38-244-A1KA, B38-244-B2KA, B38-242-B1MA, B38-244-A1MA, B38-244-A2MA, B38-244-M1MA, B38-244-B1KA, B38-242-A2FA, B38-244-A2KA, B38-242-B2KA, B05-233-M1LA
Parker, PB548, PB558
Shako, SSFR500-02 1/4" BSP, SSFR500-02N 1/4" NPT, SSFR500-02R 1/4" Rc thread with semi automatic drain.
Shako, SSFR500-02H 1/4" BSP, SSFR500-02NH 1/4" NPT, SSFR500-02RH 1/4" Rc thread with manual drain.
Versa, ARFA-3111-316, ARFA-3112-316, ARFA-3113-316, ARFA-3114-316, ARFB-3111-316, ARFB-3112-316

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Miniature Filter Regulator 1/4"

  • Brand: Shako
  • Product Code: SSFR500-02
  • Availability: In Stock
  • £341.67

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